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The Daily Herald (based in Provo, Utah, with a circulation of 40,000) ran an article on February 3, 1997, by Karl Cannon stating: "Have we run out of things to invent? Apparently not. In fact, the number of patents granted each year tends to increase. If anything, new discoveries seem to spawn additional frontiers for invention.

Utah's inventors made some nice contributions among the patents granted in 1996. So prolific are the inventors among us that I lack the space to tell about them all. But here is a sampling of 10 Utah patents from 1996 taken from various fields."

Included in this list, Mr. Cannon selected the patent received for the impressive HBX. He stated in his article, "U.S. Patent No. 5,556,355. A revolutionary gear transmission was invented by Stanislaw Ostrowski, Gusher, and has begun to generate national and international interest. The transmission is said to capture the forces of both action and reaction, thereby offering the highest possible mechanical efficiency in a transmission." (Italics added)

Karl R. Cannon is a registered patent attorney with the intellectual property law firm of THORPE, NORTH & WESTERN in Sandy. His column appears every two weeks in the Monday edition of The Daily Herald and is intended as general information only and not as specific legal advice. Questions or comments can be directed to Cannon at (801) 566-6633, or via e-mail at




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