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The HBX-21

Humming Bird Helicopters, Inc. began operation to develop and build a new type of low cost, easy to operate, helicopter which will revolutionize the industry. In the course of the development of the Humming Bird Helicopter, several new approaches to the problem of cheaper air travel were tested. Today's prototype HBX-21 contains 10 devices never seen or tried before on a flying machine.

During the development of a new kind of helicopter, a radically different transmission was invented. Humming Bird applied for trade mark and patent protection under the name of TRANS REACTOR on September 17th 1996. Humming Bird was issued a patent "#5,556,355" on the transmission. (International patents pending.) The unique characteristics of this transmission configuration allowed the HBX to achieve improved lift and fuel economy unheard of in the helicopter industry today. This transmission works on a three body system that cancels approximately 80% of the reactive torque to the body; therefore reducing the power needed to keep the body from rotating. Also this gives a piston driven engine the smoothness and power of a jet turbine, with a fraction of the cost and fuel consumption of a jet turbine.

During the research and development of the HBX prototype, U.S. patent number "#4,326,834" was issued on the hub and control design. Patents were also issued in six other countries on original design.

Revolutionary Helicopter!
LOOK! No longer a chopper.
(old prototype)


The unique hub and control system allows us to use and control an aerodynamic sculptured blade without inducing vibration and chopping noise. HBX-21 operates this rotor system with RPM and at a set lift angle which is vital for high altitude and lift efficiency. Collective in our system is used only in autorotation and emergencies.

At Humming Bird Helicopters, Inc., safety has been our primary concern. We feel there is nothing safer in the air today. Our main rotor (which is the wing) can not be mechanically locked up for any reason. It rotates on its own bearings and on a stationary shaft. This shaft is bolted to the air frame. Should the engine or the transmission consisting of four moving parts fail, the large rotor automatically goes into auto-rotation, thus providing lift and allowing the pilot complete control to safely land the helicopter.

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